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The following courses are offered at the NMMU:

  • National Diploma: Radiography (D) (Programme being phased out - last intake 2014)
  • B.Rad(D)           
  • B Tech Radiography (D)
  • M Tech Radiography

Diagnostic radiography comprises the production of x-ray images of the human body in order to diagnose disease. The radiographer prepares and positions the patient, manipulates equipment, processes the film and evaluates the resultant image. In general, it is a medical doctor who interprets the image and makes the diagnosis although the radiographer may perform pattern recognition.

The theoretical and practical parts of the course are covered concurrently. The National Diploma is offered over 36 months full time.  Most students are are bursaried by either the private or the public sector in the Eastern Cape. Upon qualification, they are required to work for their sponsor for between 1 and 3 years.

During the periods when students are not attending lectures at the University, they visit a training institution for their experimental training. Students are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Upon qualification, all newly qualified radiographers are required by law to undertake one year's Community Service.

Community Service

After completion of the 3 year (36 months) diploma period, students are required to do one year of community service in a State hospital.

Admission Requirements

A limited number of students are selected for the programme. Final selection only takes place at the end of October and those selected will be notified in writing by November.

Applicants must also be physically fit.

Contact information
Mrs Beverley Connelly
Tel: 27 41 504 3693